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Enter the Crematorium and boost your farming yields from Fantom Opera’s top farms.

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Key features

FlamingGhost (FGHST) is a yield booster and farming aggregator on the Fantom network. Put simply, FlamingGhost gives you the opportunity to earn significantly higher APR in some of Fantom’s most popular farming protocols, using some of the network’s most exciting tokens.

In the FlamingGhost dapp, you’ll see that the farms are split into three sections - the Crematorium, the Furnace, and the Eternal Flame. Each section contains a distinct type of farm that utilizes FGHST.

The Crematorium

The Crematorium is the cornerstone of the FlamingGhost protocol. Here, you’ll find several farming options. At launch, the Crematorium will support eight LP pairs, and two single staking vaults across three platforms; over time, we plan to add support for more pairs and platforms.

Users that deposit LPs in the Crematorium at genesis will earn an initial APR equal to the APR of the underlying farm plus 20%. All Crematorium yields are paid in FGHST. At genesis, the price of FGHST will be set at $10.00 per token, however, as FGHST enters circulation, its price (and therefore all Crematorium APRs) will be decided by the market. Crematorium Fees and Regulations

Supported Assets

SpookySwap LP


SpiritSwap LP


Tarot Single Staking


Beethoven-X LP



Users can earn additional yield by providing FGHST liquidity on Spooky Swap and depositing their LP tokens into the Furnace, At launch, the Furnace will support LP and single Stake: FGHST/FTM/USDC and FGHST. It is possible that additional FGHST pairs will be added in the future.

It uses the LP tokens deposited into the Crematorium to generate yield from the native farms of the supported assets. Users that deposit LPs in the Furnace will earn an aggregate APR equal to the combined APR of the underlying farms, and in proportion to their share of the overall farming pool. All Furnace yields are paid out as a basket of tokens, in amounts determined by the APR of their respective farms, and can be claimed once every 24 hours.

Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame automatically compounds the user’s Furnace yields intomore FGHST liquidity tokens. Each day, a bot will automatically harvest the rewards, and sell them at the market rate, to purchase correct amounts of FGHST, wFTM and USDC. It then mints new LP tokens and adds them to your farming position, increasing your overall yield.

Users that deposit LPs in the Eternal Flame will earn an aggregate APR equal to the combined APR of the Crematorium’s underlying farms, and in proportion to their share of the overall farming pool. The displayed APY represents the approximate total annual compounded yield, and is variable subject to changes in the APR of the underlying farms.

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